Valentine’s Day Kaleidoscope Heart Chocolate Cake Topper

White Chocolate "Cameo" Kaleidoscope Herat Mold Topper

White Chocolate “Cameo” Kaleidoscope Heart Mold Topper

Kaleidoscope Heart Cake Topper for Valentine’s Day

See step-by-step instructions below.

Watch the VIDEO to see how easy it is!


This Kaleidoscope Heart Cake Topper is very easy to make and is perfect for Valentine’s day.

All you need is:

♥  Silicone spatula
♥  Gel food coloring
♥  White chocolate

I used Ghirardelli’s Candy Making & Dipping Bar (the kind you’d dip strawberries into or make candy with).  This is how easy it was to make:

First Layer-Hearts and Scrollwork

Melt several medium sized chunks (a handful) of white chocolate according to package directions (in this case, in the microwave for one minute at half power, stir, then for 30 second intervals,until melted, stirring in between).

Add  desired color of GEL food coloring to the chocolate for the first layer.  This layer will be the hearts and scrollwork.

With the spatula, spread chocolate around on the face of the mold.  Then, holding the edge of the spatula at about a 45 degree angle, drag it across the face of the mold.  This will scrape away the chocolate on the highest, flat areas and leave chocolate filling in the scrollwork and hearts. If chocolate begins to solidify, just pop it into the microwave for a few seconds.

Second Layer- Base Color

When this layer has cooled and solidified, repeat the melting process again with about four times more chocolate.  Tint again with a different or contrasting color if desired or use white, milk or dark chocolate.

Pour chocolate into the center of the mold and spread gently out to the sides with a spatula, so that you don’t dislodge or melt the first layer.

When cool, peel mold away and top a cake or cheesecake for instant elegance.

Alternatively, brush more melted chocolate along the sides of the mold using a pastry brush.  When cool, fill chocolate shell with layers of your favorite fillings.  Place plate over mold, flip mold and cake together and gently peel mold of of your No-Bake Backwards Cake!

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