Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

I almost forgot!

Here’s our contribution to the celebration:

ZANDA PANDA Kaleidoscope Butterfly and Heart Sandwich Cookies

Kaleidoscope Butterfly and Heart Sandwich Cookies

There’s a demo and video on making them on the Zanda Panda website.

Happy Baking!!!

Cute Little Fondant Animals for Cupcakes

Had to share these with you.

I recently made these for a competition.
(you’ll hear more about it in the future if there’s any good news to report)

Caupackes with cute little fondant animal sculptures, kitty, puppy, bunny, teddy bear and dragon

Little fondant animal sculptures on cupcakes

From the top:  Kitty, Bunny, Ridiculous Bear Face, Teddy Bear, Puppy, and in the center, a little Dragon with a flower.

Cute Little Fondant Kitty

Cute Little Pink Fondant Kitty

The Kitty is one of my favorites.  Also partial to the Puppy and Dragon in the background.

And the winner is…

Betty Crocker Super Moist
vanilla cake mix

If you have to use a mix, grab this one.

See tips below for getting the most detail from a traditionally baked cake.
BTW, I was NOT compensated in any way for this recommendation/review.

We’ve been testing all sorts of cake mixes and of course found that ‘bundt’ type mixes and heavier textured cakes perform the best in detailed molds.  Because denser cakes have smaller ‘air pockets’ throughout, they have a smoother surface which captures a lot more detail.  The surface of a light airy cake can lose a lot of the finer details.  Also, a heavier cake will hold together better, while a light cake can ‘tear’ if the mold is flexed before it’s cooled thoroughly.

So of all the ‘lighter’ mixes we’ve tested, Betty Crocker Super Moist vanilla cake mix consistently performed better than all the others.  It has a good surface texture, makes a nice ‘crust’, has a very moist interior and very good flavor.

'Yellow Lab' Puppy Cake

Here’s a ‘Yellow Lab’ cake made from Betty Crocker Super Moist vanilla cake mix.

Here are some tips to getting and making a great impression with Zanda Panda’s Puppy Mold

•  Prepare molds by brushing melted vegetable shortening (Crisco) into the mold with a pastry brush, then dusting with flour.  Tap out excess flour.
•  Place mold on cookie sheet.   Use it when baking and to transport mold to and from oven.
•  Let batter rest in the mixing bowl for 5-10 minutes before filling mold.
•  Pour batter into one spot in the mold, letting it flow smoothly throughout the mold.  This will minimize air bubble entrapment.
•  Bake at 325°F/163°C for 50-65 minutes.  Cake is done when it begins to pull away from sides of pan.
•  Allow cake to cool completely before removing from mold.
•  When cool, place serving plate over mold, flip mold and plate over together, then gently remove mold from cake.

We’ll be taking reservations on the new Puppy Mold soon and will be sending a notice to our mailing list subscribers with a discount coupon.  If you’re not already a mailing list member, sign up today.  It’s free, your personal information will never be shared and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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