Puppy Packaging

Puppy Packaging

Packaging for ZANDA PANDA's Puppy Mold

Packaging for ZANDA PANDA's Puppy Mold

Where does your Puppy Mold snuggle up while he’s waiting for you to bring him to his forever home?

A Nice Sturdy Doghouse?

Not exactly, but it’s easy to wrap as a gift.

You probably don’t think too much about packaging. I had been thinking of nothing else for a while.

We went through three packaging designs before coming up with this cutey. But it can stand on it’s own or hang from a peg, with adorable little doggies all around, begging with their cute little puppy eyes to be brought home to make yummy and fun stuff for you.

There’s lots of info and tasty recipes on the sides and back, too.  You’re going to have so many smiles and giggles coming your way, you won’t know what to do with them!

Although you may be risking cuteness overload, there’s lots more Puppy Mold info at the ZANDA PANDA website.

If you’d like to reserve your Puppy Mold,  just e-mail us at: info@zandapanda.com and mention the Puppy Mold in the subject line.

Also, when you join the ZP mailing list, we’ll happily send you a coupon code for a discount on your Puppy mold!


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