ZANDA PANDA’s Puppy Mold Featured in DOG FANCY Magazine!

ZANDA PANDA’s Puppy Mold Featured
in DOG FANCY Magazine!

ZANDA PANDA's Puppy Mold Featured in Dog Fancy Magazine

ZANDA PANDA's Puppy Mold Featured in Dog Fancy Magazine!

We’re delighted that DOG FANCY Magazine picked our
Puppy Mold to feature in their ‘Fun Dog‘ section!

If you’re new or visiting from Dog Fancy magazine, welcome to ZANDA PANDA’s Blog and Website! If you’re a returning visitor or one of our Favorite People, thanks very much for stopping by again!


The fun idea behind the Puppy Mold is that you can make
Cake, Cookies, Crafts
& More
that look like your favorite breed of dog or a ‘portrait’ of your family pet!

ZANDA PANDA’s Puppy Mold for Cake/Cookies/Chocolate/Crafts
(click the image above to learn how to make the beagle puppy cookie)


Here are some ideas to show you what you can do with your Puppy Mold:

Yellow Lab Cake • Chocolate LabDalmatian Cookie • Terrier Cookie • Poodle Cake

Recipes and directions for puppy-shaped:

•   Fudge
•   Brownies
•   Bread
•   Deep Dish Upside Down Apple Pie
•   Birthday cake for your dog (liver flavored)

More ideas:

•   No-Bake Backwards Cake™ Made by painting in chocolate or pressing edible clay or fondant into the mold to make a shell, then filling with your favorite ingredients, like cookie crumbs, fruits, syrups, ice cream or pound cake.

•  Make a crayon box or a box for your puppy’s favorite treats decorated with a polymer clay puppy.

•  Rainy day fun:  Kids can make salt dough or polymer clay puppies of different breeds, paint them and have a dog show!


For more information, please visit the PUPPY page on the website!

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Today is Moldmaking Day and Tomorrow is Pi Day!

New Stuff!

We’re making molds of some fun new designs, so come back soon to see some brand new stuff!

I’m preparing for a show next weekend where I hope to get some valuable feedback on new designs and materials, much like I did during the recent giveaway. I haven’t been able to personally thank everyone for their wonderful comments and feedback from last month’s giveaway, but will very soon!


Tomorrow is Pi Day

So here are photos of approximately 3.14 pies for you:

Approximately 3.14 pies for Pi Day

Approximately 3.14 pies for Pi Day

Here are links to the recipes:

Strawberry Butterfly Pie

Upside Down Deep Dish Apple Pie with a Puppy on Top

Spicy Upside Down Cherry Pie with Embossed Hearts

According to those who follow ‘dessert trends’, pies are the new cupcakes, so now you can be trendy when you make an old fashioned pie like your grandma used to bake 🙂



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