Spooky Summer- Halloween in July!

Halloween in July?

Halloween Cookies made with ZANDA PANDA's Handmade Stoneware Cookie Molds.  Halloween Cat, Bat and Witch designs.

Halloween Cookies made with ZANDA PANDA Stoneware Molds

Here’s to Spooky Summer Nights!  Even though I’m enjoying the heat wave and am in no rush for cool weather, I’ve been working on stoneware Halloween cookie molds.  They’re coming out very nicely from the prototype molds.

These will be handmade, so the supply will be limited.  If you’d like to reserve a set, please e-mail me at: Lira@zandapanda.com to let me know.  There’s no obligation to purchase and we’ll hold a set for one week after we notify you that they’re ready to ship.  Or join our mailing list to receive updates.

I think they’d look great with a yellow cookie dough for the background (like a full moon), with chocolate cookie dough for the witch, cat and bat.  I’ll definitely post a pic when I make them.

I also  think that I may not be able to resist making ceramic boxes with Halloween lids 🙂

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