Gold Dusted Chocolate Gryphon

Gold Dusted Chocolate Gryphon

Gold Dusted Chocolate Gryphon

This is made of dark Belgian chocolate and edible ‘gold’ dust.  If you know me, you’ll know my first love is metalwork.  My favorite medium to work in has always been metal.  Especially lost wax cast bronze and cast precious metals.  So I really enjoyed putting a ‘patina’ on this.  It really makes me want to work in metal again!


Did I Mention Toffee?


Toffee made with ZANDA PANDA's Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mold

Toffee made with ZANDA PANDA's Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mold

I’m going to make toffee again soon, but next time I will make all of the scrollwork and flowers in chocolate as well.  The back is also coated with a thick layer of dark chocolate (of course!).  The technique I used for making the chocolate butterflies was the same as in the directions for a chocolate cake topper, (also Video Here) but the second layer was toffee instead of a contrasting color of chocolate.  I’ll make this again soon and include photos, a recipe and instructions.

It was incredibly delicious; crunchy at first, then meltingly buttery and chocolatey.  Very satisfying – but you you won’t be able to stop eating it!

New Video, New Chocolate Technique!

Kaleidoscope Heart and Kaleidoscope Butterfly Molds

Make two-tone chocolate cake toppers or No-Bake Backwards Cakes™

I’m very excited about this new chocolate technique!  I had been making multi-colored chocolate cake toppers by filling just the hearts or butterflies with a separate color.  I realized, quite by accident, that the scrollwork and flowers could also be made in another color from the background.  I think the two-tone look is very elegant.

Don’t be afraid to try this technique, even if you’re a novice baker/chocolatier.  It’s very easy and will give you amazing results.

No-Bake Backwards Cakes™

If you want to make a complete Kaleidoscope Heart cake with a chocolate shell – a No-Bake Backwards Cake™ – rather than just a cake topper,  just brush chocolate onto the sides of the mold after the second (background) color has been chilled.

Then fill the shell with layers your favorite ingredients, such as cookie crumbs, lady fingers, sliced, store-bought pound cake, jam, fruit, Nutella, drizzles of syrups or liqueurs, ice cream – anything you like!

You can optionally add a final layer of chocolate to seal the cake (which will become the bottom of the cake after demolding).

If you use candy making and dipping chocolate, you won’t need to temper it.  If using regular chocolate, here are some tips on melting and quick-tempering:

Quick-Tempered Chocolate

Finely chop chocolate or use chocolate chips. Melt two thirds of the chocolate in the microwave for thiry second intervals, stirring in between with a silicone or rubber spatula (don’t use a wooden utensil, it can introduce moisture which will cause your chocolate to ‘seize’). Keep the temperature below 120F. When chocolate has melted, add the remaining one third in three batches, stirring until smooth after each addition.

Using a pastry brush, paint the melted chocolate into your mold. Be sure to brush into the crevices, brushing out any trapped air bubbles.

Try this cake topper for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Kaleidoscope Heart Chocolate Cake Topper

White Chocolate "Cameo" Kaleidoscope Herat Mold Topper

White Chocolate “Cameo” Kaleidoscope Heart Mold Topper

Kaleidoscope Heart Cake Topper for Valentine’s Day

See step-by-step instructions below.

Watch the VIDEO to see how easy it is!


This Kaleidoscope Heart Cake Topper is very easy to make and is perfect for Valentine’s day.

All you need is:

♥  Silicone spatula
♥  Gel food coloring
♥  White chocolate

I used Ghirardelli’s Candy Making & Dipping Bar (the kind you’d dip strawberries into or make candy with).  This is how easy it was to make:

First Layer-Hearts and Scrollwork

Melt several medium sized chunks (a handful) of white chocolate according to package directions (in this case, in the microwave for one minute at half power, stir, then for 30 second intervals,until melted, stirring in between).

Add  desired color of GEL food coloring to the chocolate for the first layer.  This layer will be the hearts and scrollwork.

With the spatula, spread chocolate around on the face of the mold.  Then, holding the edge of the spatula at about a 45 degree angle, drag it across the face of the mold.  This will scrape away the chocolate on the highest, flat areas and leave chocolate filling in the scrollwork and hearts. If chocolate begins to solidify, just pop it into the microwave for a few seconds.

Second Layer- Base Color

When this layer has cooled and solidified, repeat the melting process again with about four times more chocolate.  Tint again with a different or contrasting color if desired or use white, milk or dark chocolate.

Pour chocolate into the center of the mold and spread gently out to the sides with a spatula, so that you don’t dislodge or melt the first layer.

When cool, peel mold away and top a cake or cheesecake for instant elegance.

Alternatively, brush more melted chocolate along the sides of the mold using a pastry brush.  When cool, fill chocolate shell with layers of your favorite fillings.  Place plate over mold, flip mold and cake together and gently peel mold of of your No-Bake Backwards Cake!

Molly’s Fabulous Fudge – And Another Puppy

My friend Molly McG gave me her fantastic fudge recipe for the Puppy Mold packaging.  Here it is and here’s a puppy made of it!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow Fudge Puppy


Molly’s Fabulous Fudge
My friend Molly’s fantastic fudge recipe!

◊   3 cups sugar
◊   3/4 cup butter
◊   2/3 cup evaporated milk
◊   2/3 cup cocoa
◊   4 tablespoons peanut butter
◊   1 (7oz) jar marshmallow cream
◊   1 teaspoon vanilla

In a medium saucepan with a heavy bottom, combine sugar, butter, cocoa, and milk.  Bring to a rolling boil, stirring constantly.

Continue to boil, stirring for 5 minutes over medium heat.

Remove from heat.

Add peanut butter, stir until peanut butter melts.

Add marshmallow cream and vanilla.  Stir until blended.

Pour into your Puppy Mold.  Chill in fridge.

When completely cooled and firm, place plate over mold, flip plate and mold over together and gently demold.

Store in refrigerator.


I should add that, because it’s thick, try to pour into one spot on the mold and let it ooze into the design, so that you’ll trap as few air bubbles as possible.

The fudge picks up details perfectly and drops right out of the mold.

The Puppy looks adorable as is, or you could dress him up with a fondant bow, a candy-studded collar or make some toys for him.

I’ll have images of the packaging design very soon!



Easy to make Butterfly Cupcakes.  Butterflies are molded from the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper/Chocolate/Cookie Mold

Easy to make Butterfly Cupcakes. Butterflies are molded from the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper/Chocolate/Cookie Mold

These cupcakes are ridiculously simple to make and look adorable.  With the pastel colors, they would be great for a child’s birthday party or especially cute for a baby shower.  You can adjust how you make these to the amount of time that you have.  If you have spare time, bake the cupcakes and make icing and edible clay from scratch.  If you’re in a rush, buy ready made cupcakes and pastel fondant from the crafts store.

For the butterflies in the photo I used ready-made fondant.  Just press a small amount into the mold for each butterfly and add the small dots and antennae in a contrasting color.  If the fondant starts to dry, add a bit of moisture to the ‘dot’ and press onto the wing.

I also folded them slightly so their wings weren’t flat.  I leaned them on the edge of the plate until the fondant firmed up, then arranged them on the icing.

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