Cute Little Fondant Animals for Cupcakes

Had to share these with you.

I recently made these for a competition.
(you’ll hear more about it in the future if there’s any good news to report)

Caupackes with cute little fondant animal sculptures, kitty, puppy, bunny, teddy bear and dragon

Little fondant animal sculptures on cupcakes

From the top:  Kitty, Bunny, Ridiculous Bear Face, Teddy Bear, Puppy, and in the center, a little Dragon with a flower.

Cute Little Fondant Kitty

Cute Little Pink Fondant Kitty

The Kitty is one of my favorites.  Also partial to the Puppy and Dragon in the background.

Butterfly Brunch

How to make a Butterfly-Themed Garden Party/Tea Party


Butterfly-Themed Spring/Summer Tea Party!

Butterfly-Themed Garden/ Tea Party!

Yes, I had to wait patiently for the apple tree to bloom for this shot – and for a sunny day!

Jump over to the Zanda Panda website to see how to make all the goodies pictured above, such as butterfly cake and cupcake toppers, embossed tea sandwiches, Kaleidoscope Heart and Butterfly mini sandwich cookies and port wine cheese butterflies on crackers!

I didn’t have room to show the iced tea with little butterfly ice cubes (just freeze colorful fruit juices in the Butterfly mold, then add to iced tea). Beautiful stoneware pottery courtesy of the very talented Ria Lira Levine.


Easy, fun ideas for spring or summer entertaining – and a really tasteful way to tell Mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day!

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Easy to make Butterfly Cupcakes.  Butterflies are molded from the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper/Chocolate/Cookie Mold

Easy to make Butterfly Cupcakes. Butterflies are molded from the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper/Chocolate/Cookie Mold

These cupcakes are ridiculously simple to make and look adorable.  With the pastel colors, they would be great for a child’s birthday party or especially cute for a baby shower.  You can adjust how you make these to the amount of time that you have.  If you have spare time, bake the cupcakes and make icing and edible clay from scratch.  If you’re in a rush, buy ready made cupcakes and pastel fondant from the crafts store.

For the butterflies in the photo I used ready-made fondant.  Just press a small amount into the mold for each butterfly and add the small dots and antennae in a contrasting color.  If the fondant starts to dry, add a bit of moisture to the ‘dot’ and press onto the wing.

I also folded them slightly so their wings weren’t flat.  I leaned them on the edge of the plate until the fondant firmed up, then arranged them on the icing.

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